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#ENDSARS: Beyond The SARS Saga By Adekunle Joshua



#ENDSARS: Beyond The SARS Saga By Adekunle Joshua

By Adekunle Joshua

Today, not only the security sector is sick, even the legislation, education, electoral, power supply sectors among others are suffering from the malady of corruption. 
The correct Nigeria of blessed memory existed in the era of Awolowo &co. 
ASUU had been on strike before the COVID lockdown, with no proper and amicable resolution between them and the federal government.
Now that all schools are resuming, government university students are grounded at home yet the FG doesn’t care about the resultant effect on students. “Please tell them up there that we are sick of staying home”. Said by a Nigerian Student
The horrendous increase in the tax rate in this sheer recession period doesn’t seem to mean something to our legislators, yet they have the gut to budget our hard-earned national cake on the unnecessary renovation of the House of Assembly. 
What about our power supply handles, we are nowhere. 
This has impeded the chance of innovations by genius Nigerians. Despite the epileptic condition of it, we still have to pay more than we utilize.
I tell you, no free and fair election.
 Our electoral process is the true drama of the Yoruba adage that says “B’ólówó see ohun gbogbo tán, ìyà á home tálákà” meaning: when the rich are done, Any election without violence can be rigged by vote-purchase this has cause set-back for many poor Nigerians capable and willing to lead us to the Promised Land. 
Now, our national anthem has become superficial rhetoric, even the concept behind the coat of arm is now a failure. Social media pen won’t be enough to pour Nigerians’ grievances, unanimous protest won’t suffice all but PRAYER CAN DO. 
And while we call on the creator, the individual citizen is prerogative to be exemplary.

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