Youths and the Way Forward, Amid polity indifference.

You cannot dream yourself into a character, you must hammer and forge yourself into one.” –

 James Anthony

Youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but upon the present lies greater expectations.this is because the essentiality of youths in the development of any society cannot be overemphasized. This set of people possesses enormous energy and talent that can ascertain any level development if well managed and maximized.

All over the world, the role of youths is positively felt in leadership positions.  Osagyefor Dr  Kwame Nkruma of Ghana, Ahmed Ben Bella of Algeria, Mohammed Nasser of Egypt, Obafemi Awolowo of Nigeria,  Winston Churchill of Britain, Mohandas K. Gandhi of India, Nelson Mandela of South Africa among uncountable others have greatly influenced their respective societies in their youthful age.

During Nigeria’s quest to define the sovereignty of her political milieu, the major players that sailed the ship of independence were all youths, with only Nnamdi Azikiwe being the eldest with 42 years. Sadly, however, immediately after Independence, the desire for leadership amongst our nationalist was preferred over peaceful coexistence and development that preluded our fight for independence.

The 60 years of self rule in Nigeria is a chronicle of  blatant injustice, with the youths being at the receiving end. Those who tested power in the early days of our journey as a Nation held on to it with no desire of willingly leaving the scene of leadership with only God knowing when. More worrisome, they stay there with no institutions of mentorship.
In response, the youths have equally displayed a certain level of apathy towards leadership, which has further cemented the confidence in our ancestral leaders to continue, even in their weakest state of existence.

Be it as it may, it seems the neglected youths have realized of their stake in the act of governance or leadership, amid social revolt. The societal consciousness recently displayed by the youths symbolizes a new dawn, if not a wake from their dogmatic slumber.

What so ever it is that brought their consciousness to the grave injustice melted on them, must equally guide their actions and decisions in ameliorating the undeserved treatment presented to them. The youths must understand that performance means conquer, and non performance means failure. They must understand that no one will willingly create a profile for them if they don’t do it. They must seek  to understand the mode of involvement and jettison any act that will tarnish their ‘Image’.

Penultimately, any one that seeks to define himself must first define what he/she wants to be known for. No image is created in a vacuum or by wish, the creator must understand what he wants and go for it.

The youths must see the recent social revolt as a call to stay awake. They shouldn’t miss the opportunity by involving in vices that can only bring failure as the final result. With this a new dawn is at hand.

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