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Nigerian Security Agencies Meet Behind Closed Doors Over #ENDSAR Protests




Earlier during the #ENDSAR protest, a motion
was move by  the house of rep that was
later recalled by Mr Wuse to address the breach of national security and was
later resolved during the protest. The house set up committee chaired by Mr
Wuse himself with the majority and minority as member of the committee. 

Not only
were the majority  and minority involved,
they also included the chairmen and deputies of all relevant committee of the
house and at least they made sure they had 3 member each of the respectively in
the committee.

According to Mr Wuse, ‘’The major reason for
the committee was to address the ongoing peaceful protest and ensure there is
harmony in the Nation at large’’. In the first meeting, various service chief
were inputted in the committee. However, the deputy of the committee urge the
media and press corps to leave the hall to enable the members  interface with the security agent behind closed

The presence of security agencies
acknowledged at the meeting includes the 
Nigerian Police Force (NPF), the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) and
the Nigerian Custom Service (NCS) report by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)