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An Open Letter From A Northerner To All Yorubas And Southerners Living In The North



 Dear Southerners Living In The North,

An Open Letter From A Northerner To All Yorubas And Southerners Living In The North

As a Northerner, I’ve never prayed for the separation of our country Nigeria, i always wished that one Nigeria would last for long and possibly for ever. But there are people out there who doesn’t want the same thing, well i don’t blame them but I blame those that made them believe what they know today. Few months back southerners chased most Northern people back to the north and they reportedly destroyed their place of trade and business. It was believed that the Yorubas did it because they felt that Northerners were the ones destroying their farmlands.

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Well, in a way the people that destroyed southern farmlands were the Fulani herdsmen. As for all southerners living in the North, i think they were given a vacation notice days ago. If you know a southern brother or sister living in the north, you have to make them come back and do what these Northern groups are asking. Most of them have their businesses and their life in the North, I’ll never agree to chasing southerners back to their homes.

The only thing I can say to all Southerners living in the North is that you have to comply with the demands of these Northern groups. Now you ask yourself what are the demands, the demands are of course leaving the North for the South that’s just all they’re asking from all Southerners living in the North. Many Northerners think it’s the only possible way to make peace reign in the North, but it’s not the Yorubas are not causing any problem